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Actor Framework executable creation problem

I am created an application using actor framework and trying to build an executable using Application Builder. I just take Launcher as a startup vi for creating executable. 

But after run the executable file the launcher imidiately closed. Nothing will happen after that.

Can anyone please help me on that matter.


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You should post your code, with this description it is hard to find the solution.

You can also try use Actor Framework template to see how there is created executable file and how launcher is implemented.

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I am attatched the entire project

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When you are building a exe, you can't use the "Open Actor Core front panel?" input of the Launch Root

That option is disabled in exe files, you need to use a "open front panel" Invoke node in the Actor that you what to show.


And there are a more detailed explanation on the Actor Framework community site:

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It is you that solve my problems. thank you very much!!!

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thank you very much ,you reply solve my problam.

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