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Activating/Deactivating a SubVI with a boolean switch

Thank you, this timer solution helps quite a bit. However, now I have an issue with my subVI breaking the state switching. Without the subVI present, this properly switches between the on/off (1/0) states. When I implement it however, the timer in case 0 no longer gets called properly.


The boolean switch should allow for the toggling of measurements on and off. I am aware nothing is hooked up from the main VI to the subVI at the moment though I am still confused as to where this is going wrong.


I've attached the relevant images below and would appreciate any feedback.

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My example showed how you can use an Elapsed Time Express VI to start something periodically.  Now, what do you want to start?  You want to start something that ... "stays on for a period of time".  Does this sound like another Elapsed Time situation?


The logic is a little more complicated.  You need a "State" (here a Boolean, True for On or False for Off will do) that you will wire to your Flasher.  You want another Timed Loop that doesn't auto-reset (because it doesn't run repetitively), but is Reset when the Cycle Timer "kicks" it.  It's job is to turn the Flasher off (with the Cycle Timer turning it on).  There's a little more logic to make this work, but once you have this much, you should be able to figure out the remaining "missing pieces" and come up with the following:



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