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Acquisition question ?

how to do an interface to change the number of sensor quickly with nidaq mx. Because i have 128 sensors and i have some arrays that correspond at number of this sensor and my problem is each time i run a test i need to change my configuration because the arrays depends of numbers of sensors that's not easy to change. So each sensor have a numeric trigger then when a sensor detect this trig then all sensor of his group record in .txt file. Do you think is possible to do that in labview.Thanks for your help.
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Anyone can help me for my acquisition?
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I don't know what type of sensors you are using, how you have them interfaced to your DAQ input but there are ways do this, depending on what you mean by quickly.
You might be able to group the sensors into seperate DAQmx tasks and switch tasks depending on your thresholds. I don't know what the time to switch tasks would be like, the coding wouldn't be terribly complex though. If you are set up to have all the sensors active at the same time (using a SCXI chassis and SCXI modules) then you wouldn't have to change the configuration, rather you would just look at the channels that were "active" at that moment, based on your criteria.

More information regarding your application might help us provide more information to help you.

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Thank you for your help.
I am going to tell you my labview program that i want.
COnfiguration:pci card 2*6254 ;2*32 channels;RTSI connection;1.25Mhz

First i need to acquire a group of sensor pressure.ex:group1:sensore number 1;2;5;19
group2:sensore number 15;3;25;35;4;62;11;25
etc ... To 64 channels with linear scaling that is constant.
The number of sensor for each groups are different between each test.Sample rate is 20 000 Hz for each channel.And if it's possible to be configure sensor at the start of the program for each group it' more easly.
Then i acquire all data by a trigger for each group for example group1: if the value of sensor 1 or 2 or 5 or 19 are much more than a constant defined at the start of programm then all data are record in text file for each sensor(1;2;5;19).And i want to know if there is a possiblities to configure the pretrigger and posttrigger (it's samlpe acquire before and after the trigg)?
That's all for the moment.Thank you.
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