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Acquire and process with analogic triggering (LabView 5.1)

This is my problem

I would like to acquire a signal with a PCI MIO16XE10 board and when I have
the true level for the trigger, generate a signal with my ATA0-10 board.
I can't use the analog output channels of the PCI borad because I need 5
anaolog outputs.
Actually I use a software trigger but it doesn't satisfy me, and I would
like to use the analog trigger possibility of the PCIMIO16XE10 board.
How can I detect the trigger and immediately driving the ATA-10 board.
I can't use the RTSI bus because I haven't the cable and I don't know how to
programm it.

I sorry for my english but it's not my natural language.

Thank you all for your help
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