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Access to the cFP's name?

I have an embedded application that shall run on a cFP-2120.
To write to it I use FP write with the data I would like to write or read, and an address to the attached IO device:
FieldPoint\VGMController\cFP-AO-200 @4\Channel 1
Now, I wonder if there is a way of avoiding using the name of the cFP (or, extracting it from somewhere, for instance from the IAK file)? The program is running on a cFP, and is supposed to alter the behaviour of said cFP.
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There is not a way to programatically extract data from the .iak file.  Only MAX can do that.

You can find the name of the cFP by looking at the text file ni-rt.ini on the cFP target itself.  Look for the Host_Name key in the [SystemSettings] section.  You can use the File I/O>Config File vi's to read the key from the file.

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   To support centerbolt, I confirm hat this is the only technique (till now), and I've been successfully using it for my latest projects.

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Thx, I'll try this out Robot Happy
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