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7966 FPGA with 6581 adapter

So I have a 7966 with a 6581 adapter connected to a CB/SCB-2162 breakout board.


I created the following VI:






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You forgot to attach anything.  But even if you did you didn't ask any question.  Please give more details, lots more if you want help.

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Oh I did...but somthing filtered out the image and the rest of my message ...that had at least 2 questions. 😞



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So lets see if it likes this:FPGAVI.png


So the rest of my message was:


It compiles and runs, the boolean flashes, but I can't find a signal on the breakout boards anywhere (i.e. the IO pins)



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Take a look at the NI 6581 Continuous Generation - External Clock.lvproj in the example finder. 


Hardware Input and Output>>FlexRIO>>IO Modules>>6581


It demonstrates how to write to a port. You'll notice that after configuring the module, it provides a true value to the Write Enable IO node for Port0.



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I would, if I could.


I have 2012 sp1 on this pc.


The only FAM support installs I've been able to find on the NI web don't include 2012 (i.e. when I install it says there is nothing to install, because they all want to have 2014). So I don't have any 6581 examples.


I did find a RIO FAM install for 2013 that says in the release notes that it support 2012. But, I wasn't sure what I'd be messing up installing that.



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The NI FlexRIO installer also includes NI FlexRIO Adapter Module Support which has examples for all the adapter modules. So if you install any version of the NI FlexRIO driver you'll have the examples. Our most recent version of the driver, NI FlexRIO 14.5, supports LabVIEW 2012SP1. Try installing thatand see if that gives you the examples.

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Hey Mac (I believe I currently have a Service Request open with you)


I just spoke with David-A about the version of NI-FlexRIO that you should install with LabVIEW 2012 SP1, and I want to clear up some confusion that we have all been running into regarding FAM support. If you install NI-FlexRIO 14.5, it will also install a version of the Adapter Module Support that only has support for LabVIEW 2013 and 2014, even though the FlexRIO hardware (795x, 796x, etc.) support extends back to 2011 SP1. This will cause your FAM to not be listed in LabVIEW 2012 SP1, and no examples to appear in Example Finder.


Because of this, you'll want to install an older version of NI-FlexRIO that has an older instance of the Adapter Module Support which is compatible with LabVIEW 2012 SP1. The lastest version that provides this is NI-FlexRIO 13.2.1, and it includes Adapter Module Support 4.1 which works with LabVIEW 2012 SP1 and will include examples for the 6581 FAM.


NI FlexRIO 13.2.1:


We are looking into possibly updating our documentation for NI-FlexRIO to reflect this discrepancy, so I apologize for this confusion.





Ryan P.
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Hi Ryan,


Yes, that's me. 🙂


I did as you described and it appears all is well.


(Well, I haven't gotten time to look at the sbRIO issue...but, that's not stopping progress.)





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