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50103 error on multiple analog to digital converter

I am trying to measure an analog voltage signal. I am using a PXI 6133 card,
however when I make two different tasks to read two different channels on the
same card, I get a 50103 error. When I looked up why this might be happening I
read that the most likely cause for my situation was the system trying to
access the same analog to digital converter that is shared between two
channels. However the 6133 has a digital converter for each channel. What is
the most likely cause of this error, is it still necessary to combine the tasks
into one, despite having independent converters?

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The error isn't about having one or more A/D converters.  It is about having only one clock.  So you can't have two different tasks that need to share the same clock.


You will need to combine the two channels into a single task.

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Hi fchacon,


You can understand better about this error in this KnowledgeBase:


It seems you are in the case 6.


Please, let us know if this is helpful for you,





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