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2x2 Binning with Dalsa 01M60 and NI PCIe-1427


I have a setup with a Dalsa 01M60 connected to a NI PCIe-1427 via camera link cable.


I can grab frames in the normal 1024x1024 pixel mode without problems.

Setting the binning mode to 2x2 in MAX the pics have the expected resolution of 512x512.

But it's not the whole picture anymore. In one direction i only see half of the picture.


My  idea is, that the binning only works in one dimension and in the other dimension you can see only the first 512 pixels.


I checked the camera-file and the binning is configurated correctly.

Name (2x2) {
                              Action (Serial) {
                                 Command (sbm 2 2\r)
                                 Response ()
                                 Delay (50)

I checked it with the manual which veryfies this command.


As a first solution i wrote my own binning-vi but it's not very fast and it's not how it should be.


Do you have any suggestions? 


Thanks a lot for your help!



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Thanks muks - i read the thread already and couldn't find a solution in it Smiley Happy

I added two screen shots, one of a picture without binning and the other with the 2x2 binning. Both taken in Ni-MAX. The one without Binning in a 1024x1024 resolution, the other one in 512x512 resolution. I didn't change something in the camera-file, i just used Ni-MAX (which should work ...?).

So I still have the same problem.



Sorry about the bad quality and contrast!

As you can see the circle is not a circle in the first picture. That's really sad ...

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Hi marnie,


I don't know right now but I will investigate.

Jeff | LabVIEW Software Engineer
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What version of NI-IMAQ are you using, marnie? What happens if you try a different binning, such as 4x4?
Jeff | LabVIEW Software Engineer
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NI-MAQ Version: 4.6.2f1



Aquisition Window:

Left: 0

Top: 0

Width: 256 (changed to 128 for 8x8)

Height: 256 (changed to 128 for 8x8)


OutputMode: Single Tap

Data Mode: 12 bit

Exposure Mode: 7 (changed to 2 for the 8x8 binning)

Binning: 4x4 and later 8x8

Framerate: 30 fps

Advanced options: off


Serial Commands Enabled.


In the end i get images which looks quiet the same as the 2x2 binning -> only the left side of the Image but total in vertical direction Smiley Sad


I hope you can find a solution 🙂


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Hey Jeff,


did you find a solution? Would be great!

Hope to hear from you



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Did you solve the problem? Are you still working on it? I would like to change my program into a faster working one 😉

thanks for your trial anyway!


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Hi marnie,


I never got notice that you had responded until now. I will try installing a PCIe-1427 and using the test image on it, but I expect it is the camera that is not responding properly.

Jeff | LabVIEW Software Engineer
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Here in my lab where we have a Dalsa 01M60 and an NI PCIe-1429 board, and we have the exact same problem.  It appears as though the 2x2 binning is actually operating in some 1x2 mode, or, as has been suggested earlier in the thread, we might only have access to the first half of the pixels.


Any idea if this is a bug with the NI drivers or a bug in the camera itself?  It would seem strange for the bug to be in the camera.  Is it possible to try the other modes that are not listed in the Measurement & Automation Explorer?





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