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2 hours finished the webcam program

hi Arthur,

i had a problem using this Program, i was unable to capture image with this.when i run this program the webcam is activated n was able to view the image but couldnt capture any image. and i would very thankful to u if ,u could brief me about the code i mean to say what are all the constants u have used and about the the other dll too i.e user32.dll.


my application is like i need to capture image and store to user control destination.

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Michiel Herman wrote:

The reason why no video is showing up is probably because the update speed of the front panel is quite low. This is because everytime, the complete front panel is being update, rather than only the video. You will probably need to find a faster way of publishing the video is you want to view it remotely.

I suggest to check out the following article in the NI KB, it list several possibilities with their advantages/disadvantages.


Is LabVIEW in the newest versions really publishing the contents of ActiveX and .Net controls to remote front panels? Because this was the reason in the past that those controls appeared blank on remote front panels.


Rolf Kalbermatter

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Can Sombody post it with 8.2.1 version.

Thanks in advance.



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hi all,

can any 1 tell me how to capture a image with this partiuclar program.and i want a brief discription on user32.dll used in this program.

and can any 1 tell me is it possible to capture a image using ActiveX.  


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You have to search the Microsoft website for MSDN library for more details reg user32.dll.
- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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Hi McArthur and anyone else who may be able to answer this questio.


Firstly thanks for the program. its great.  Can it be adapted to access two webcams simultaneously?  if so how?





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The above poster started a new thread here
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I have tried this program, however when I run it it can execute my webcam (as the light turns on) but no image is shown.


Any help?

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Hi, your vi is quite perfect !
Is it possible to save a picture from the webcam ?
Best regards,
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I didn't notice the date of this posting until now but I took the liberty of rewriting this code to introduce some style concepts that may help new developers


comments are welcome

- James

Using LV 2012 on Windows 7 64 bit
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