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2 front panels, 1 VI, 2 difference monitors???

Dear all,

I am building a VI which includes many control buttons and indicators. What I really want now is to put all control buttons in a front panel and all indicators in the other panel. I want to display 2 front panels on 2 difference monitors. I used Vertical splitter bar, it is ok but one screen is not big enough because I want to show many things at the same time. Is there any way for me to do that?

Thank you for any idea!

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Why does it need to be one VI?  It sounds like you want two monitors, maximized on one monitor each.  

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Thanks for ur reply.
Actually, the indicators here is waveform graph and I have dozen of graph. You are right, I want 2 monitor. One for showing set values, the other for showing measured values. That is why I need 2 separate front panels but only one block diagram.
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You cannot have a VI with multiple front panels.  You can give the illusion of this using other techniques like subpanels, and Window Parent Child relationships, but I don't think that is what you want either.


I'm thinking the best way to handle this is with two separate VIs with passing data between them using something like a functional global, queue, user event, or some other method of shareing data to update the UI.

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Thank you Hooocahh.
It sounds like there is no way to do that. So upset :). Anyway, I will think about your suggestions. Thank you so much
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See this recent thread where the poster was looking to do the same thing.

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Thank you very much Ravens!. It would be very helpful 🙂
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