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We have a test system that uses two computers that use exactly the same VI, and we use computer#1 (Win10 build 1909) as host to remote computer#2 (Win10 build 1809) through the DHCP server for a while.


Recently, I change the DHCP IP to fixed IP to avoid the computer IP change after the power outage, but somehow I am not able to remote the computer#2 like before anymore.


The fixed IP I use is not included with our DHCP server according to our IT, but another set of test systems both with Win 10 build 1607 is working with a fixed IP setup. 


I am confused if this problem is caused by DCHP or different build of Win10.


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The details of your network connection are a bit confusing (to me).  You have 3 PCs, as I understand it.  I assume they are all connected to the same network, they all have known IPs, and they can all see at least one common site (such as being able to browse the web).


From one PC, can you "ping" the other two?  [I assume you know how to "ping" a PC].  Can you do this from each of the three PCs?


It sounds like one of your PCs may have some network problems.  If you find one that cannot be reached by a Ping, call your IT Support staff and have them get it back on the network.


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,


Let me explain more detail about the setup. All computers connect to the same network, and I did try to pin the IP and it responds, but just not able to remote from Labview.


System#1 (both Win10 build 1607) This setup computer#1 is able to remote computer#2 without a problem.

Computer#1 (host, IP:192.168.5.x from DHCP server)

computer#2 IP: This IP is excluded from DHCP server)


System#2 Same setup but computer#1 is not able to remote computer#2 but ping IP is responses.

Computer#1 (host, Win10 build 1909) IP:192.168.5.x from DHCP server

computer#2 (Win10 build 1809) IP: This IP is excluded from DHCP server)


The only thing different between system#1 and #2 is the Win10 build. Hope I explain better this time.




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What is the setting for your subnet mask? Normally, IP Addresses in such a small grouping change only the last entry of the IP Address (Level 4).


Your PCs have different Level 3 Addresses, this might affect your ability to connect.

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