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Send and Receive Messages via Bluetooth betweeen EV3 and Android Application



we want to exchange String-Messages between an EV3 brick and an Android application. The Lego EV3 brick is programmed via Labview 2013 and LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS Module.

We first programmed this functionality with an older NXT brick without any problems. According to the following direct commads description ( you can send Messages to specific Mailboxes. The Mailboxes can be used in the LabVIEW programm to use the messages on the NXT Brick or to request contents form NXT Mailboxes via Bluetooth to use a Message in an external application.

The newer EV3 communication Protocol is different. There you can not send Messages to Mailboxes with direct commands. Each Message gets a Name (Title) according to this documentation ( (WRITEMAILBOX). In the LabVIEW Module for LEGO MINDSTROMS, you can only select a Mailbox number to read contents, not a message name which was defined in the protocol.

How can I read out a Bluetooth Message in LabVIEW programm, wich was written with an external application to the EV3 brick?

Is Labview using specific Mailbox names to use them with the EV3 communication Protocol like Message Names?

The Antroid Smartphone is connected as Master, EV3 Brick is Slave.


Thank you for your help!

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I send from my Mindstorms Ev3 to my phone and I received this message:�� title message

(I use Mindstorms Education Edition and MIT app inventor)

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Has anyone found a solution into this? Can NI stuff comment on that please? It seems like the Mindstorms toolkit for LV doesnt support EV3 bluetooth messages as EV3 doesnt use Maikboxes 1-10 concept (as was the case with NXT). On the other hand the official LEGO Mindstorms IDE (powered by LV!) supports and handles titled bluetooth messages, so there is a hope. Do we have to implement the ev3 messaging protocol in LV on our own? 

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