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NXT Toolkit with V8.2

I've been working with LabView v7.1 and creating a number of applications that use Bluetooth to communicate between my laptop and the NXT unit. These were all built and tested for Windows machines. I want to also make them Mac compatible, but 7.1 doesn't support Bluetooth in the Mac.

So I've installed v 8.2. When I try to install the NXT toolkit, the installer finds the toolkit in 7.1 and opts to leave it on the local disk and not install anything into v 8.2.  When I try to start my v 7.1 vi's in 8.2 the program starts asking for the location of nxt.ctl, and all the direct command objects like I've done a mass compile on v 8.2 but that seems to have no effect.

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The NXT Toolkit installer only allows you to install the software once right now.  The most direct work-around is to un-install the toolkit from 7.1 and then re-install it in the 8.2 directory.  Alternately, you can get creative and find the files in the 7.1 directory and manually copy them into your 8.2 directory.
Joel Sumner
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Thank you, that got me past that point.  I copied the two folders out of vi.lib/addons into v 8.2 and that problem went away. Now when I open my VI, down at the bottom levels the NXTSystemCall invoke nodes are complaing about ref nums and methods. This is getting down a lot lower than my experience level, and I'm not sure what to hook back up to them.

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Finally got this one figured out. As above,  just copying and moving the files didn't seem to work. I ended up removing V 7.1 and the NXTtoolkit from my computer, installing V8.2, installing the NXTtoolkit, and mass compiling the toolkit. My VI's open up and run fine in all respects.
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