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NXT Programming with Case Structrue

I tried to use Case Structure to Program NXT. I used Touch sensor. But it does not work. Can any one put a VI with touch sensor and drive the motor. Hope to hear from you. 


Thank you. 

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So you have a case structure, touch sensor, and a motor. I don't see the connection between the three and they are not sufficient to write a working program. It might be easier if you would explain what the program should do (e.g. run the motor when the sensor is touched, or whatever.).


"It does not work" is not useful information, because there are millions of ways to write a broken program.


So: attach your code, explain how it should be used, what currently happens, and what you expect to happen instead.

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Thank you for your response. I want to run the motor using case structure. If the touch sensor is pressed, I want the motor in the Case structure to run. Here is the attachment,

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Is this a subVI that is part of a larger program?  I don't see any loop in your VI to keep the code running.  This will run once and stop.  (Please don't tell me you are using the Run Continuously button.)


I would recommend you learn more about LabVIEW from here. How to Learn LV

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