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Looking for additional documentation

I have the 7.1 student version of LabView and am using it to control the Lego NXT. I have read the 3 PDF's available on the NI site that apply to the NXT tool kit. I have also looked at the examples included with the toolkit. I am looking for a more detailed description of the input and outputs of the VI's included in the toolkit. Things like:


Purpose and use of the "output dup" terminal on the Vi's

Description of Ramp Mode

Description of speed regulation

Description of error in and error out in the easy write file VI


To name just a few.


Is there a book to buy or am I missing something obvious?


Thanks in advance


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I'm not aware of any more information out there, but I'll try to answer some of your questions as best I can.


I don't know what the output dup is.


Ramp mode allows the motors to gradually accelerate from one speed (at the beginning of the ramp mode or 10% power if the beginning speed is 0) to the speed set.


Enabling speed regulation attempts to keep the motors moving at the "correct" speed even under a heavy load.


 I haven't worked with Error In and Error Out, but I believe the purpose is to allow error handling.

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Enumclaw wrote:


Purpose and use of the "output dup" terminal on the Vi's


Hi Enumclaw,

the dup output contains the same contents and you have an output. You can use it, to make a dataflow. If you connect this output tó the next funcions input, then it will first execute if the other function is ready. It´s the same like the error cluster in windows labview. Smiley Wink


Hope it helps.


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