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How do you install the Mindsensors IR Sensor into the LabVIEW Education Edition (LabVIEW for Lego Mindstorms)

LabVIEW Education Edition (LVEE) is a reduced functionality LabVIEW product that was designed to be used with the Mindstorms NXT Robotics Kit.  LVEE has drivers for all standard NXT motors and sensors.  It supports all the ways of connecting these elements to create a functioning robot.  It even has extensive NXT programming palettes.


The native Mindstorms NXT Robotics Kit has limited sensors (rotation, touch, radar, noise, light), but several third party vendors offer additional sensors.  I have purchased an IR Sensor from Mindsensors.  I have installed it under NXT-G and it works fine.  It also works with RobotC.  But I can find no NI instructions for installing third party sensors for use with LVEE.


Mindsensors actually does provide instruction for installing the IR sensor using the full version of LabVIEW, i.e. "On the Block Diagram Go to Tools -> Advanced -> Edit Palette Set..."  However, on the LabVIEW Education Edition, there is no "Advanced" tab under "Tools."  Surely, National Instruments intended that customers using LVEE be able to install third party sensors.  How on earth do you do it?

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Hi sir i want to make a project on radar sensor and measure the level of liquid . please tell me what is the sensor name code and how I'll will apply with LabVIEW

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