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Daisy Chaining 2 EV3 Bricks in Labview



I am attempting to daisy chain (connect) two Mindstorm EV3's in LabView. I was able to connect to the two bricks to each other via bluetooth, and then connect one to the computer. However, LabView only recognizes the one connected to the computer. When I connect both to the computer (the program can be executed through the computer, it doesn't have to be deployed), it recognizes both. When I go to the schematic editor, however, it doesn't allow me to select one brick as a master and another as a slave. Once i define the master, I cannot select the slave. My question is, how do I go about successfully daisy-chaining to EV3's? I can do it with USB's or Bluetooth - whichever works.





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Hi CobyT,


I found some more information about daisy chaining EV3 Bricks on the Lego support website.


If you look at section 7.7, the site states that you can daisy chain by connect the bricks together with a USB cable. Furthermore, the site says that only one brick will be the "main" brick. Once the bricks are connected via USB, you might only have to define the master brick.

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Alexander, this is a nice resource. Thank you for sharing.  One Daisy Chain feature it doesn't show is how you can use port view to tab through each EV3 sensor layer when connected by USB or Bluetooth.  It is very simple to see which motors and sensors are connected to which ports on each of the four EV3 bricks in the daisy chain.  Daisy chaining should allow some pretty sophisticated machines to be implemented with relative ease.
best regards,
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