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Webservice configuration

Webservice configuration



I am using webservice for transferring data from LabVIEW to web.


I ran the developed code in my laptop as well as the real production pc (Live dataa).


While webservice works in my laptop perfectly, it is not working in the real production pc. It received some "Error code: 1172"

I just want to know what could be difference between my laptop configuration and that production pc configuration (With respect to Webservice in labVIEW environment).


To add more insight the i developed a windows application using dotnet to debug this. The window application worked perfectly in both my pc and same production pc. So i narrowed down, i am missing some configuration in the production pc. Please help me with the information.



Muthuraman S

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Re: Webservice configuration

You can use the Explain Error dialog in LabVIEW (accessible through the Help menu) to figure out what an error code means. This is what it says for 1172:

"A .NET exception occurred in an external assembly. For information about correcting this error, copy the following exception (in bold), and search the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site or the Web for a possible explanation."


Are you running some .Net code in your web service? You should probably focus on that and figure out why that code is throwing an exception on one PC and not on another.

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