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Web service to a more specific class when compiled

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Web service to a more specific class when compiled



I've just started to use labview Web UI Builder and I have a problem when I build the project.


I retrieve data with web service and everything works fine when the application runs into the labview Web UI Builder environment.


But when I build the project, the webservice API doesn't retrieve my datas. After some debbuging it appears that the problem comes from the block "Parse Web Services" which returns nothing.


Someone has an idea?


Thank you



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Re: Web service to a more specific class when compiled



I can't think of a reason why a web service would work in the editor, but fail in a built application (usually it's the other way around).


Does the "error out" terminal of the web service VI return any error once you've deployed your app? (If you don't have indicators on your front panel to see the error, you can use Debugging > Display Debug Assert - unbundle the error, and invert the error status for the 'assertion' input, and wire the status to 'message in', then you should get a message box at runtime if the web service VI is returning an error.)


I'm also curious what the "HTTP Get String" node is returning. To see this after building your app, you could do something similar with Display Debug Assert (leave 'assertion' unwired, and hook up 'response string' from the HTTP node to the assert node).

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Re: Web service to a more specific class when compiled

This problem is now solved but I don't know how... The HTTP Get String was returning the normal xml string.


I have an another problem though and I think you may help me. The problem is that after building my app, I can't refresh the items of my listbox by the properties. 

There is an example "populating a listbox which works fine" on this website and the only difference between this listbox and my listbox  is that the additional property option isn't set to access from diagram.

So my listbox returns a numeric value and the other returns just the items list.


Do you know why?





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Accepted by topic author Tsarfreddy
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: Web service to a more specific class when compiled

I called the NI support and the response was :

The object's name must never ever have special characthers like é,à,ô (in french) etc....


The reason is that the application is built by an english NI server on the web.


Donc pour les français, pensez bien à ne jamais avoir de nom d'objet contenant des caractères spéciaux.


Sinon, l'application fonctionnera dans l'environnement de dévelopemment mais pas après compilation par le serveur NI.






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