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Wire Multiple Items to Bundler.llb

Author: Trevor_C (NI)

(Inspired by this Idea Exchange post.)

This plugin adds to the Create menu when controls, constants, wires and nodes are selected. The new options will wire the selected objects to a Bundle, Build Array or Concatenate Strings, depending upon the objects' types. There are menu items that use  all source terminals of the selected objects as well as those that only use currently unwired terminals.


  • Operates on constants, controls, wires and nodes (Loops, SubVIs, Case Structures, etc.)
  • If all source terminals are similar types (i.e. the same or all numerics), Build Array is an option.
  • If the source terminals are all strings, Concatenate Strings is an option as well.
  • The wiring may require some manual cleanup, especially if creating bundlers for large numbers of objects or objects that are very far away from each other.







Known Issues

  • When creating bundles from wires, the wire's source terminal's location is used to determine where to place the bundle. This can result in the bundle being created in an unexpected location.
  • Bundles created using terminals on the top or bottom edge of a node may be in a misleading location:
    • poor-location.png
    • Both the indicator and the Build Array are connected to the same terminal in this image.

Attachement is saved in LabVIEW 2015. For install instructions, go here.


Unexpected (for me, at least) behavior: if you create a bundler for items that are inside of a structure, the resulting bundler is created outside of the structure.


I agree that it's unexpected (and undesirable) behavior. I've been working on an update that fixes that bug, and adds some new functionality, which I hope to post early next week.


Version 2 has been posted. Changes in this version:

  • Added new menu items that operate only on unwired terminals
    • They can be disabled by changing the default value of the Disable Unwired control to True in Wire Multiple Items to
  • The affected items have been expanded to include wires and nodes (which includes but is not limited to loops, sub VIs, and case structures)
  • The height of the bundler is taken into account in its vertical location.
  • New bundlers are now created at the first shared owning object for the affected items (i.e., bundlers will now be created within for loops, while loops, case structures, etc.).