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Stub.llb -- use with caution!

What are stubs?

Stubs are a hidden feature of LabVIEW. They were an experimental idea never released for actual use. Do NOT install this plugin unless you understand the implications of stubs. This explanation helped me. You might want to check comments on this thread to make sure I didn't get rebuked or corrected for something.


This has been tested, but not extensively. Be careful and I don't accept responsibility for it's misuse.


What do I use this for?

Edit time, front panel, clusters

I have a very specific purpose for this. If I'm coding a QMH architecture, I usually end up with a large state cluster (the shift register). Not ludicrously big, but unsightly if I pass it into a subVI. I like my subVIs to be compact and easily readable.

There are two other ways to solve this:

  1. Turn the cluster into a class. This also comes with a lot of baggage as accessors. I still highly suggest using classes for most things. In this very specific case it's too much extra work for making my front panel pretty.
  2. Turn off auto-arrange in the typedef, shrink the cluster, and save. This works well and it's what I have been doing. It's just tedious to edit the state cluster and shrink it back down every time.

TLDR: Learn to use classes first and use this sparingly

Before: Cluster-saurus (note that I do use classes)


Menu Item

Click cluster.png




(You can right click and use the same menu to revert back to the cluster)




Attachment is saved in LabVIEW 2016 (sorry, all I have). For install instructions, go here.

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