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LabVIEW Class And Cluster Wire Insert IPE.llb

Author: AristosQueue (NI)

Inserts an In-Place Elements structure on a wire of class or cluster type. The item is only availble on class wires when on the block diagram of a class member VI (since only member VIs can unbundle the class data).

This plug-in is mostly the same as this other plug-in, except this one works on wires and does Insert, whereas that one works on terminals and does Create.





Attachement is saved in LabVIEW 2015. For install instructions, go here.

Active Participant
Active Participant

This doesn't seem to work properly if you are inserting the IEPE structure on a class wire that's not on the top level diagram such as when the wire is in an error case structure. The IEPE structure appears briefly and then is rolled back.

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