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LabVIEW Shortcut Menu Plug-Ins

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Explain Error on Nested Error Cluster.llb

Authors: Darren (NI) and AristosQueue (NI)

LabVIEW comes with an "Explain Error" menu item that works on top-level error cluster controls/indicators. But it does not work on error clusters embedded in arrays or other clusters.

This plug-in adds the Explain Error feature to embedded error clusters.

One minor thing -- this one always says "Explain Error" instead of sometimes saying "Explain Warning". But we decided that it wasn't worth quibbling about. If you want to tweak this so that it grays out over No Error values and changes "Error" to "Warning" over others, please share with the community.  🙂 (Note: You won't be able to just upload to edit this post... only Darren or AristosQueue can do that so as to prevent malicious people from uploading plug-ins that other people might then overly trust (assuming you find Darren and AQ trustworthy in the first place).


Attachement is saved in LabVIEW 2015. For install instructions, go here.