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Copy and Paste Font of text elements

Created by Floris Reinders

Test and Measurement Solutions bv. NL

First attempt getting to know the RightClick feature.

Function : Copy the font from any text label / string and Paste it to others,

This include two Plugin-Ins.

Copy Font - > copy to a global the font of the selected label

- global is part of the copy.llb and is required for the past.llb

- Global also has a set bit to remember that is is used.

- if multiple elements are selected the copy is grayed out.

Paste Font - > IF Global is SET then write font on Text element(s)

- if NOT set then the paste is grayed out.

pls let me know what suggestions there are for extendings its features.

Floris Reinders
Senior Project Engineer / CLA

It is a good idea! But failed to show Past Font in LabVIEW 2020