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Alphabetize Cluster Elements.llb

Author: Christopher R Field (Field R&D Services, LLC)


Alphabetize Cluster Elements (ACE) will reorder the controls in a cluster in alphabetical order. Note, this only does the alphabetizing once per call, it does not automatically re-alphabetize new elements added to a cluster. This is especially useful if the cluster, either a constant or a control, is arranged horizontally or vertically in either the block diagram or front panel. Alphabetizing the elements provides a quick and easy way to organize elements in a cluster and increases project consistency. This even works for the private member data clusters of LabVIEW classes. While it is a relatively simple plug-in/script, I have bundled it into a VIP with a QDKS and API that is available on the NI Tools Network because I find it so useful.








Attachment is saved in LabVIEW 2015. For install instructions, go here. It is also included in ACE available on the NI Tools Network.