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Memory or data Structure Corrupt Error 74


I am trying to make communication between Two LabVIEW(Version 10 & Version 14) application through TCP\IP(use of STM lib)

I am sending cluster(Inc.Variant and String Control) from  LabVIEW14 To LabVIEW 10 over TCP\IP. In this case everything work fine but when I include German word (Ex. Ü or Ö) there is error like 'Error 74 occurred at Unflatten from String.'

Additional if i try to send data through Class than again there is flatten to string or XML  error.

Anyone has idea what to do with it ?

NOTE: Same Communication between LabVIEW10 and LabVIEW 11 work fine even If I send (Ü, Ö,).

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