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Gamification of LabVIEW training starts with Channel Wire badge

National Instruments is trying an experiment with our customer education that has been highly successful in other teaching domains: gamification through badges. The idea is that you create badges on small, focused topics and promote some amount of Pokemon-like competition among the students/users/players to "collect them all." Human psychology being what it is, this has significantly improved training rates, and after-the-fact research confirms that there is an actual increase in the knowledge retained as a result of this gamification. You can read more about the NI badging program here:


One of the first badge topics? Channel wires. I didn't have anything to do with this... I was surprised when I heard about it at NIWeek, so I went and looked into the training and then took the exam to earn my badge. In my opinion, it's a well-written, well-presented bit of training!


You might want to use your SSP to go take the training, in which case the link is for you. But some of you may think you can pass the 15-question, multiple-choice exam on the first try (you need a 100% to pass, and the questions get changed out if you retest). If so, you can go here and in the left menu, pick "NI Badging Pilot Program >> Take An Assessment". [EDIT] Turns out I cannot provide a direct link because my account credentials are encoded in the URL. So you'll have to navigate there from and then click on the big green button in the middle of the page.


If you have any feedback on the training or the exam, post it here and I'll pass it along to the customer education group as needed.

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It seems there are some problems with the websites 🙂

I took the first assessment, "LabVIEW Discovery", passed it with 100%. After clicking in the final submission, the website indicated, "Stephen", you passed the exam 😄 But I am not Stephan, haha. Somehow the identification mixed up in the system I guess...?

(I was properly logged in with my account)


Edit: I start again, lets see if I manage to get it second time. By the way, if we are logged in, why for God's sake the system asking for our name and email address??? It is obvious who takes the assessment, whoever is logged in the NI Training site...


edit2: second attempt worked. It shows my credentials properly.

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Seriously??? Replay attack on the URL? ARGH.

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Thanks for reporting this. The system should not have referred to you as Stephan, you were logged in as yourself? That's strange, we'll look into that.

The reason that you have to log in twice is that we are using a service to provide the assessments. We try to keep this as seamless as possible, but we are still working on the sign-on technology that will handshake your account login between the two systems. We hope to have this completed soon.

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I also tried for this badge (I went to the Channel Wires Hands-On at NI Week, totally disappointing, know-little Marketing Type spent half the time talking about "badging", very little time talking about Channel Wires).  Passed the test, but could not figure out what to do, so just abandoned the effort.  Seems (to me) like a silly waste of time and effort.


Bob Schor

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Could you expand on "couldn't figure out what to do?"  Do y ou mean after you earned the badge?


There is information on this site on what to do after the badge - you have to create an account on Acclaim and access the badges that way.  Acclaim gives you links you can use to show validated badges in your signatures on Email, forums, and LinkedIn, etc.

Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center
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I looked at doing this as well.  However every time I entered my info and the "unique code" the page refreshed and erased all the data.  I emailed support but we will see.

LabVIEW ChampionLabVIEW Channel Wires

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