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Git for Teams




You can do more with Git than just build software. This practical guide delivers a unique people-first approach to version control that also explains how using Git as a focal point can help your team work better together. You’ll learn how to plan and pursue a Git workflow that not only ensures that you accomplish project goals, but also fits the immediate needs and future growth of your team.


The first part of the book on structuring workflow is useful for project managers, technical team leads, and CTOs. The second part provides hands-on exercises to help developers gain a better understanding of Git commands.

I really like how this book explains also the non-technical aspects of source code control, like collaboration and workflows. I think Sam Taggart pointed me towards it.

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Thanks for the recommendation, should read the book sometime. I too think that git, or change control in general, can provide benefits for all sorts of activities, not just for writing code. For example, an author writing a novel might benefit from it, or a team of three architects creating digital blueprints. I wouldn't be surprised if one day most apps for knowledge workers will contain change control functionality that is presented to the user in a user-friendly way that doesn't use software jargon. Those apps may well use git as their backend.

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