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JSON to Tree Control

I am attempting to use the JSON i3 tools and wish to display a simple LabVIEW cluster in a tree control. The 'JSON Tree View" seems to be missing the most basic parsing of placing the JSON field value in a 2nd column of the tree control?

Or am I missing something.image.pngimage.png

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hi, looking to the image, i don’t see the error... may you explain better and attach the vi?

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Hi MrJackHamilton,


The JSON Tree View node does not utilize the second column as you have found. The value is shown inline as part of the text of the first column.


You can see how this is implemented in the JSON Tree View Recursive.vi as follows:

i3 json single column.PNG

If you made a change similar to the following you could have the value placed in the second column:

i3 json two column.PNG

Which looks similar to the following:



Unfortunately this is not currently a feature the toolkit exposes and is not something I expect to be added in the foreseeable future.

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