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Control VISA based device from IS

I'm exploring possibilities of IS and I try to find information if it is possible to control non-NI devices which use VISA communication. Let's say I want to use Hioki BT3561A (VISA LabVIEW driver) from IS. Where should I start? Do I need to implement hosted application? If so, are there any starting points for VISA?

Michał Bieńkowski

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Configure LabVIEW to use VISA for communication. You can find examples and tutorials on setting up communication with serial instruments using NI-VISA in the LabVIEW Help or on the NI website. If IS does not natively support the device, you may need to create a hosted application. This application would act as an intermediary between IS and your device, handling the VISA communication. For starting points on VISA communication in IS, you can refer to community discussions, NI forums, and resources that provide guidance on controlling VISA-based devices from IS3. Additionally, there are tutorials available on the proper way to communicate over serial with VISA-based instruments. 





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