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usb-488 device won't load drivers

i have a usb-488 device that i am trying to install onto windows xp.


the last computer that the device was connected to died recently, so this is a fresh install.  but i can't get the drivers loaded and have tried everything.  everytime, windows says that it can't find a suitable driver for the 'usb device'


the drivers on the other machines in our lab are:




date: 1/1/2006


driver:  windows\system32\drivers\nipalusb.sys

ni-pal usb wdm (1.4352.3.0)



any ideas out there as to what i can do ?


i have installed the NI488224 driver pack, as well as a bunch of other drivers / installers onto this machine in hopes that something would have the correct items, but i have had no luck.



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Exactly which model of USB-GPIB are you using? Is it in fact from NI?

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Hi Egiblock,


If it is indeed a NI GPIB-USB device, then this KB addresses the problem you're reporting. You might also want to upgrade to the latest version of NI-488.2 2.8 linked here.


Best of luck!

Sean Ferguson
Application Engineering Specialist | RF and Reconfigurable Test
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it was actually not a NI controller.  whoops.

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