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keithley2600 python library, sweep functions do not work



I am using a Keithley2604B SMU and I am trying to write python code to interface with it over a GPIB connection.


I have followed example code given in the link for the keithley2600 python library


I am able to reset the SMU, make it beep, and measure a single voltage with a call to k.smua.measure.v(). Sadly, whenever I try to use the function 

k.voltage_sweep_single_smu, I am met with a strange error that I have shared below. I will also share the python code, although it is very simple, almost exactly the same as the example code. How would I get in touch with someone who has worked with this code or maintains it? I need some hel[ tp to figure out how to get the voltage sweeps working for my team.
Thank you for your help
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