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how to connect RS485 MFC with PC

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Dear all,


I need to connect a mass flow controller from MKS to PC. The definition of the pins is shown in the table:




There is no RS232 in my PC. I wonder if NI USB-485 converter can be used and how to connect the pins? Should another power supply be used? I know nothing about RS485 and Labview. Thank you very much.





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You will need a USB-485 adapter.  I personally prefer adapters from either B&B Electronics or NI.  There are many other manufactures as well.


DB-9 connection at you MFC includes two groups of signals.  Pins 3 and 4 supply power to the MFC.  Pins 6-9 are signals associated with the 485 interface.  You will need to build a custom cable that connects the MFC, DC supply and the USB-485 converter together.


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