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Waveform identify project with MSO5204b

Hello, community! 
I have a project in which I should determine the USB keystroke from galvanic coupling (firstly save key waveform and secondly real-time correlation). I found that the best option is by using LabView Software. I use an MSO 5204b oscilloscope connected to PC via Ethernet.
I had downloaded the driver & examples for my oscilloscope, but I can`t fully control the oscilloscope (set timebase, sampling frequence, ..) and the control is just in one direction (from LabView to oscilloscope). 

Did you have a VI which is fit for my project or another idea of how the project can be realized (eg. another software like LabView NXG)?

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Hey vmadalin,

I believe what you're looking for is a Property Node:

I'm not sure what properties you'll be able to read and write with your specific scope, but they will likely achieve the functionality you're looking for.

Best of luck!

Lindsey Nestor
Program Manager, Hardware Services
National Instruments
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