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Sweep does not complete before next instruction execution

Hello there,

I am attempting to control a HP 8563E Spectrum Analyzer through the GPIB card.

When I ask the Spec An to sweep with a large sweep time (larger than say 20 seconds), labview does not wait until the sweep has been completed. Rather, my labview program continues to execute commands following the sweep command.

Note the problem only arises when there are large sweep times. I am aware that the spectrum analyzer is likely to be timing out, but I do not know how to change timing issues.

For the benefit of those familiar with HP commands, I am calling


TS aka Take Sweep , DONE? returns a 1 when the preceding command (TS) has been completed.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

NDC, Australia.
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Hi ytass
Probably, your labview program continues after a timout or a bad interpretation on done command.
I am using an HP8566B and for long sweeps ( 5 s and up), after the TS command, I poll the analyzer every 1 s, and check the status word. In mine, bit 12 is true if operation has been completed. Now, is time to read traces, display and continue.

Hope it helps.
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Hello Alipio,

Thank you very much for your quick reply! I took note of your suggestions, and after consulting the relevant section of the hp manual, I was able to fix the problem in my labview program.

Your contribution was invaluable. Thank you again.
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