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Setting EOS and EOI

I have an experiment that was running fine until the power was turned off. When the system came back up I could no longer talk to my instruments. Communication is via a PCI-GPIB board. I can write command to the instrument and it accepts it fine, however it will not accept a second command or reply to the first command. I believe the instrument if not being terminated correctly. The instrument requires a carriage return and line feed with EOI asserted with the line feed. It also requires REN to be asserted with every command. I can read the bytes received from the GPIB card and the instrument never receives a line feed. I can set it to use a line feed as the EOS in the Properties of the PCI-GPIB card, but when I use the "communicate with instrument" function it always disable the line feed after every execution. The instrument never sees the line feed. I read some of the help items were it discussed using DEvice Templates, but I cannot find them on my machine. It is not clear whether setting the EOS character line feed replaces the standard carriage return or is appended to the carriage return.
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To send a linefeed to your instrument, place a \n character at the end of your buffer. Using ibeos will not help you.
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The \n does not work at the end of the string either as it comes before the standard CR of the software. Also I would have to go in and edit every string going to these instruments and would rather just return to the state before the system lost power. Device Templates used to be part of the GPIB configuration utility where one could completely specify the EOS characters and the EOI assertion but it appears to be deleted in version 7.1.
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