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RSA306 USB Device with MAX

i am trying to use the RSA306 Spectrum Analyzer for an automated RF test. I am unable to see the device in MAX. I downloaded the SignalVU-PC program that comes with the RSA306. When the application is up and connected to the device, this is the only time I can get the device to show up in MAX. I can use some configuration VIs to change the RSA306 settings. So, it is possible to communicate with the device and run an automated test script with Labview.


However, I do not want the SignalVU-PC program to be active while my automated test is running. I am worried about the end user accidentally changing settings and creating false failures or passes. I have been in communication with Tektronix (the device manufacturer), but have not been able to resolve this issue. TekVISA has shown the same issues as MAX. I tried using the NI-VISA Driver Wizard, but receive an error that states "invalid bMaxPacketSize0 value (must be set to either 8,16,32, or 64 bytes)". Under device descriptor in the device information, I see "bMaxPacketSize: 0x9".


Some additional information:

-I'm connected to the RSA306 through USB 3.0

-I'm running Windows 7

-The device shows up in device manager under USB

-I have downloaded any device drivers provided by Tektronix


I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but it isn't obvious to me. I would appreciate any help.


Thank you.

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Try a USB 2.0 port. Trying the VISA wizard would be just wrong. It should appear as a USBTMC instrument. How is it listed in Windows Device Manager?
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Thank you for the quick response.


Connecting to a USB 2.0 port does not resolve the issue. By connecting to a USB 2.0 port, I can also no longer connect to the device using the Tektronix application. The device still shows up in device manager.


In the device manager, it is listed under USB controllers. Is there something in particular I can find?


What is wrong with trying the VISA wizard?



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The VISA wizard replaces the vendor's driver and would make it unusable.

Unless the instrument appears as valid VISA device such as USBTMC or a serial port, it's not supposed to show in MAX. Sorry, I have no idea how LabVIEW could use it. A question for Tek, I think.
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Thank you for the help Dennis. 


I'll keep trying to get information from Tek.

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I believe that the SignalVu application is providing GPIB emulation(and passthrough) for the RSA306, that is why it only shows up when SignalVu is running.




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can anyone help me in this regard. i am having the exact same issue and i cud not find any help regarding this.

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Here are a few of the things I did to get something working, and let's see if they help you...


First things first, make sure that the TekVISA LAN Control is set up properly. Go to your hidden icons in the taskbar, and find TekVISA LAN Control. Right click it. Make sure "Start VXI-11 Server" is selected. If you go to server properties, you'll see a check box that says "Start server at system powerup". Select this. You shouldn't worry about setting this again. 


I wanted to run without the SignalVu-PC application visible to the user. Unforunately, I don't think there's a way around that. So, you'll need to call the program and connect to the instrument. I attached a VI for you to try out. Give it the resource name "RSA306", and you should be able to open up SignalVu-PC and connect the the instrument. Just make sure to not click anything while the VI is running. It uses key presses to perform some of the functions, and selecting another program screws this process up. It's not perfect, but it gives you a starting point for your project.


Good luck.



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Hey blis !

your last post and the attached vi was pretty helpful. I intend to listen the FM demodulated signal using RSA 306 via LabVIEW, I have explored the options but I cannot find the libraries regarding controlling the audio BW etc. . although I am able to get the demodulated trace data .. can you help me in this regard

Cheers .!

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@shah123456 Did you have any success? I also want to import the demodulated into Labview.


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