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Newbee problem - PCMCIA - GPIB Setup


This may be an extremely simple question, but here it goes:

I have just gotten an Contec PCMCIA-GPIB card for an old Thinkpad 360 model.
My problem is that I don't know how to reference to the card (address & irq).
Which should I use and what is best.

On Win95 I found IRQ 3 to be available, and adr. 03E0-03EF - so I setup the
PCMCIA card this way in the control panel - System. But how do I connect
from LabWindows 5.0 ?. I'm using a HP34401A DMM and begin with the hp34401a_init
command. Is this correct ?

I will be more than happy to receive a few lines of code used for another
PCMCIA card, then I will probably be able to tell how to setup the card.

Thanks in advance

Klaus Kragelund
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