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NI X-NET: Send 16 frames of same ID, but different content continuously

I have a LIN device which implements an AutoSar standard. That is:


There is a frame with one ID sent by the master within its schedule every 30ms.

The payload of that frame contains a 4bit counter and a CRC. (The CRC is not the LIN CRC)

For each frame sent, the counter has to be increased, and a new CRC must be calculated.

The device does not accept (=does not react to) a frame, if a counter value is missing or dublicated. It would then wait until it receives 16 "good" frames.


Now, I'm using LV2017 with an NI X-NET LIN interface.

The schedule seems to run in hardware, since the software does not have to care about the timing.

However, it seems as if there is no hardware solution to send 16 frames of same ID, but different content over and over again, until an other list of 16 frames is to be sent.

What is possible is to send a list of frames into a queued frame session, but this session must always be fed with new frames, otherways it would just repeat the last frame in the session. If I put too many frames into the session, it would take long until frames with new data are acutally transmitted. If I put too little frames, I may miss the moment where the queue is empty.


Is there any solution for this?

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