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MAX Dosen´t Detects My GPIB PCI

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Hi guys, I`m currently using win xp sp2 and labview 8.6 adcademic y must make and interface for an instrument of the school and my problem is:

In MAX dosen`t appears my KPCI-488A PCI (keiithley provider) Card, meanwhile in my computer hardware it appears, i alreadry installed the latest driver from the keithley page, and still does not appear =/ , I tried Refreshing, fresh installing etc.. nothing worked.. could somebody help me plz... tnx guys... xD!! 

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Have you noticed that Keithley and NI are separate companies? MAX is a utility program from NI.


If your Keithley card comes with it's own version of VISA, then you can try enabling tulip support in MAX. Expand the software listing, select NI-VISA, click on the VISA Options tab, go to My System>General Settings>Passports.



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I do man... but the GPIB card says that is labview compatilble , i already did what you said and still didn`t recognized it. could it work if instead of using the keithley software I use the one of NI 488.2 ??


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Well, LabVIEW compatible does not have to mean that it is compatible with MAX or that it is compatible with the NI GPIB functions. It could very well mean that Keithley provides a set of functions that you can use with LabVIEW.


Maybe someone with more experience will see this post but in the meantime, I think the best place to get support is with Keithley.

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Well tnx anyways Dennis.... I shall wait...!
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Accepted by topic author Luigi77

As mentioned, this device will not appear in NI-MAX because it is not NI hardware. And no, you NI-488.2 driver will not work either. You have to use the GPIB-488 driver (version 9.0 or 9.1 should work for you). Once installed, use the GPIB-488 software tools on your system, as follows:


To see if the device is working properly first confirm the board presence and then test its ability to comminicate with an instrument the driver alone, and  then with NI-VISA:


1. First verify that the KPCI-488A is detected by the driver. Run the program Start->All Programs->GPIB-488->GPIB Diagnostic. This should confirm whether the pci is recognized or not. If not, reinstall the driver and/or pcb.


2. Next, connect an instrument using gpib and attempt to communicate using the driver:  Start->All Programs->GPIB-488->TRTEST.exe (use the Send and Enter buttons to test writing and reading respectively). If this fails, check your cable connection and be sure you are using the correct address number for the instrument.


3. If this works, then you can you can try to communicate with the instrument using NI Visa Interactive Control on your system (Start->All Programs->National Instruments->VISA->Visa Interactive Control) you could also open this and see if your instrument is listed on the VISA I/O tab. If your device is not listed, then recheck your connections and also your VISA passports.


To check the VISA Paassports, open the NI Measurement & Automation (NI Max) utility and click on Software->NI-VISA, go to the VISA-Options tab, click on Passports and ensure the NI-VISA Passport for GPIB is marked on.


4. Now you are ready to use LabVIEW. You can start with simple GPIB Read and GPIB Write or Visa Read and Visa Write before you move on to complex things.


Best regards.


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Smiley Very Happy HEEY Rikud... it worked...I really apreciated that you help me out.... tnx. dude... COOL !!!!! Smiley Surprised
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