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Lecroy 9450 Driver

I have a major problem recieving data from a LeCroy 9450 using LabView-GPIB.
I downloaded the driver from the internet (both from LeCroy and from National

Instruments), and implemented the necessary subvi's in a LabView-VI.
I can control the scope (setting timebase and triggering information), but

I'm not able to get the waveform data (using single shot) from the scope
back to my PC.

Can anyone give me some hints on what I possibly did wrong,
or is there something wrong with the driver (it is actually the driver
for the 9420-series).
Or, can somebody send me an easy-to-use example on how you
have to implement the "get waveform"-vi.
(I'm using LabVIEW 5.1 under Windows 95 and Windows NT4.0,
and a AT-GPIB-TNT card from National

I hope to get some answers soon, it has taken up too much of
my time already .

Koen Van Den Abeele
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we don't use Labview, but we have a Lecroy 9450, too. We read the waveform data
with the activeDSO-Software from Lecroy, which you can download from the
Lecroy-Server. We wrote some programs in visual basic to read the waveformdata
and store it on the harddisk. These files are ascii-files and can be read with
any software.
It works perfectly.


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