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Keysight 82357B with DASYlab driver?

Hello all,

Until now we use GPIB-USB-HS which are compatible with DASYLab with old drivers.

But now we try to use a current Keysight 82357B GBIP USB adpter and can not read it in DASYLab.

Do we need another driver for this?

Keysight may not help us because it is not Keysight software.

Does anyone have this combination already in use?


Thanks Andi

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Keysight GPIB requires their own driver and NI-VISA may not work.


In any case, your questions are focussed on specifics of DASYLab and it is better posted on the dedicated board -


Soliton Technologies

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thank you I try my luck then in the Dasylab forum.
Unfortunately, I have not seen when creating the question that there is also a category for this.


if someone else has a tip of course also like to answer here.

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