Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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Installer Issue

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Loading product deployment information
Loading product deployment information
Adding files to installer
Copying files...
Scanning files...
Updating files...
Build complete successfully.
Done adding files
Preparing to build deployment
Copying products from distributions
Building deployment
Copying setup files
Setting merged database information
Setting product information
Setting developer part information
Starting final build
Copying files...
Scanning files...
Updating files...
Creating merged database...

*** Error: Windows SDK function returned an error. (Error code -12)
*** Error Details:
Error in MDF API function: _MDFBuildDist_Build
ERROR: Caught Windows Error:
The operation completed successfully.
Unable to CreateFile for MSI ReadStream target file
*** End Error Report

Done building deployment


Haresh D. Patel (M-9913678668)
Engineer, IPR Ganghinagar
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Accepted by topic author Pintu-Harry

This is it, no code, no words about your issue and no other information what so ever? What do you hope to accomplish with this post?

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