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How to program an old scanner using VISA?


  I've found an old scanner (Genius Colorpage vivid3x), it's not working anymore. So, I would like to use its stepper motor (Mitsumi M35SP-7T) and its mechanics in, for example, a christmas crib.


  I know how to program a stepper motor using VISA when I had a powerpack with driver and controller in my job. At home I don't have it (very expensive). Perhaps I could purchase an arduino, but I don't know how to use it yet.

  Then, is it possible to program (to create a movement) using just what I already have (the scanner's board with DB25)? Well, it works as a scanner using only it; I just want to create another type of movement.

   But I don't know the list of commands it accepts, because I didn't find the manual.


So... How could I solve this situation?








Tenho um scanner Genius colorpage vivid 3x antigo, que provavelmente não funciona mais.

Gostaria de aproveitar seu motor de passo de 5 fios Mitsumi M35SP-7T 30(-B) e sua guia linear para programar um carrinho para usar em, por exemplo, um presépio de natal.

Acontece que só sei fazer isso quando já tenho driver e controlador e, a partir deles, enviar comandos serial (VISA LabVIEW por exemplo).

Uma opção seria comprar um arduino e aprender. No entanto, como já estou com o scanner inteiro, e com sua placa com DB25, supus que seja possível enviar comandos diretamente por esta porta.

Daí, o que preciso é a lista de comandos que ele aceita. Porém não encontrei o manual.

Alguém sabe como eu resolvo essa situação?


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At the very minimum you will need to do a lot of reverse engineering.


1. When you say VISA and the DB25 connector, are you referring to RS-232? Both VISA and DB25s can be used with many other things than RS-232.


2. You say that it works as a scanner in one place while in another place you say it is not working. So, is it working or not? 


3.  A scanner control program usually does not control the stepper motor directly. It sends a "Scan" command and the microprocessor in the scanner controls the motor.  Furthermore, the scan is usually continuous across the page followed by a rapid return to the start position. The routines used by the controller in the scanner may not have the ability to vary the speed or move single steps or other things you might want to do with a stepper motor.


4. Even if the scanner is working with some software provided by its manufacturer and you have a sniffer or a storage oscilloscope, it can be very difficult to determine what commands the scanner acceps and even more difficult to interpret any data it returns.



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That's a scanner,like this below. But it's not working because of an ant atack years ago.



So, what I need is the datasheet of the controller, eliminating the scanner as a intermediary between my program and the motor.


I'll be looking for an arduino.

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DB25 doesn't mean it has to be a RS232 😉

I had a similar scanner with a DB25, but it was a SCXI (??) port.


What you can try: Take a look at the PCB and find the stepper driver IC. Take a look at the datasheet of that IC. If the protocol is simple (ab)use the printerport in bitbanging mode to control the stepper.


More envolved: Get an ardunio and a polulo stepper card , more fun 😄


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