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GPIB or ethernet connection with Keithley 2612

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Here is my situation:

I am relatively new to LabVIEW programing and want do install a measuring setup with LabVIEW and a Keithley 2612 dual SMU.

So I´m working myself through beginners Labview Guides and how to connect a measuring device with first simple LabVIEW programm.


Since I don´t have a working GPIB-USB Adapter at the moment, I was thinking about using the Ethernet connection to the SMU which gets ist own IP adress. The ethernet connection from SMU to PC works and the SMU can be remote controlled.


Here is my problem:

I can´t find any (usable) guides for the setup of LabView over Ethernet.

My 500 pages book "Introduction to LabVIEW" (from 2009) doesn´t even have a hint for ethernet connection, where as RS232, GPIB and CAN are covered pretty well.


Here is my question:

Should I continue in trying to get LabVIEW working over Ethernet or would it be better to buy a new GPIB to USB adapter.

Does anyone know good howtos for the creation of Ethernet-connections?

Do I just have the wrong "Introduction to Labview"?

Does the usage of Ethernet have drawbacks compared to GPIB-USB?


I am glad to answer further questions.

Thank you.


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Ethernet is the new standard above GPIB but has also a small problem. (addressing and finding an instrument)
The ethernet connection is best made via a separate ethernet cable and you should use MAX to detect or pinpoint to the instrument.

Check for ethernet and VISA on the NI website.

Also the instrument should be enabled to use the ethernet interface: use configure on the frontpanel of the 2612.

greetings from the Netherlands
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Hallo Albert,


The ethernet connection to the SMU is already well established and working. But not for Labview.

Until now I wasn´t able to detect the device via MAX, but I will do some further investigation and read a little on the NI website.


Thank you for your advice.




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Accepted by topic author cubeasic

Download the Labview driver for the 26xxA series from the Keithley web site.

For a Visa resource string use something of the form: "tcpip::aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd::instr" where aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is the ip address of the instrument which you can get through the front panel or run MAX and auto-discover it.


When you eventually get a USB-GPIB converter all you have to do is change the resource string to the gpib form: "GPIB::XX::instr


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Thank you for your advise.


It finally works like a charm and it is good to know that I can switch connection methods.




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