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Fluke 8845A bench top meter driver

Is there a driver out for this product yet?
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I did not see one yet on the NI driver site, but according to a Fluke Web page, the 8845 can emulate the Fluke45 and HP33401 meters with full command set compatibility.

If you already have the meter, you may want to download those 2 meter drivers and experiment with them.

You can also make your own driver, the command set shoul dbe in the programmer's manual

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That is a great suggestion.  We plan to have a driver to officially support these Fluke models Q1 of 2007.
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Cool, thanks for the info!
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Is the LabVIEW driver for the Fluke 8845A/8846A models available yet?


Jason said a few months ago it would be in Q1 '07 - it's early Q2 now. 🙂


Roger H.



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Hi Roger H.,
We are working on the driver and the goal is to have a beta version available by the end of April.  The driver utilizes the LabVIEW project and therefore supports LabVIEW 8.0 and later.
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