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Error BFFC003 Parameter 3 out of Range

Hello Everyone,


I am Working with couple of machine called Autowave and VDS200N30. I am new with IVI-C driver. I have installed Instrument compliance pakage and saved the Autowave drivers properly in my labview instr.lib folder. I can only initilize the machine with Initilize with option. I have made the simulate=0. It gives me the system version and MAC address properly. I would like set the output Channel 1 as input for VDS200N30. It appears, when I am trying to set the range of channel 1 according to Manuals and Driver commands. I only get the Error below.  My question is, do i need to creat a driver session in NI-MAX for setting my output? In order to use IVI-C driver. I mean is it necessary to do so for anytime someone wants to use IVI-C driver.




 Best Regards

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