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DOS GPIB Application does not find PCI-GPIB Card on Windows XP PC

We have installed a PCI-GPIB card on a Windows XP computer. The card is found and a device (DMM at addr 5) can be read on XP level.
However our DOS application (produced under LabWin/DOS) does not find the card nor can it read the device.
Where can be an error?
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Your error is that DOS cannot use a 32-bit Windows driver (DOS is a 16 bit OS). You would need to also install a DOS driver for the card but according to the information here, a DOS driver is not available for the PCI-GPIB. You will need to pick a different GPIB card from the list for which a DOS driver exists.
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Dennis, you are sort of on the right track, but there isn't a GPIB DOS driver per se that works NT, 2000, or XP. Instead, try enabling DOS Support.

hil, here's a link with information about how to enable DOS Support in NT/2000/XP:

Hope this helps.
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