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DLL loading problem

Hello everyone,

I am using this VI from the Autowave IVI driver. They Don't send any SCPI command rather use the Autowave DLL file. But the problem is that I cannot find the Instrument from the Instrument I/O drop down!!



Now previously I had 2 problems

1) Laoding the files necessary to laod VI due to Directory (My LV.LIB file is in the right directory). 

2) adding the path of the Autowave DLL.  


Could it be due my editing to the Driver files. 



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Do you even see the instrument detected on the GPIB port in NI-MAX?

And it responds to IDN*?

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You don't describe your problem sufficiently.


You talk about two problems:


"DLL loading problem"

"cannot find instrument"


Are these two related somehow? Do you get any error messages?


You also talk about "previous problems". Did you fix these or are they still present?


There a re millions of ways to "edit a driver file" and some edits will break it, of course. Since you are not telling us what you did, there is a nonzero chance that you broke it. No way to tell from the sparse information given.

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Yes I can see the GPIB Detected in the NI max. That was first thing i did.  I also sent *IDN? It responded properly.


Best regards

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Hello Altenbach,


I  have Set the path to DLL to those IVI nodes. But I still cannot find them in my instrument handle.

I am really new at this.


One more Question though, Is it necessary to install IVI compliance pakage to find Instrument?


Best reagrds

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Hello Altenbach,


To the DLL problem I set the path to Instrument handle. I still cannot find the instrument in the drop down menu for instrument handle.



Also the error mesege that i get is below


I am sorry to ask so many question. I have been trying to open another instrument driver which is another machine called VDS. This one has a driver which is a plug and play driver.

I tried open the example given inside. It is showing dependency to the previous drivers. It says invalidate all atribute is not wired. Even though everything is wired. 



Best Regards



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