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Continuous data acquisition from Keithley 6517A using LabView

Good morning everyone, 


I am a new member here as I am also a new user of LabView. As such I have no expertise whatsoever hence I am making a query here to ask a favor from the experts of LabView who also have worked with Keithley equipments (in particular 6517A).


I want to use LabView to acquire and store data from Keithley 6517A using a GPIB USB cable. My prime concern using this combination is to measure resistance (R) and charge (Q) for a given time length. For my research purposes, I want to:


1) Record the resistance of a certain material over a length of time while setting the parameters in LabView like measurement time (or in alternative start/stop command for measurement), number of readings (data frequency), applied voltage and range of current (either fixed or autorange).


2) Record the charges of a certain material over a length of time with (for the time being) just a start/stop command for measurement and number of readings (data frequency).


As said before, since I am not an expert, I have found a colleague who does have some working experience with LabView but he still is a bit stuck in making a .vi suited for me.


Anyone of you is kindly requested to have a look in the attached .vi file which he was able to modify (for now, it is just for measuring resistance). As per my requirements above, can anyone help us in correcting the problems that we are facing that are:


1) The resistance of a known resistor is not getting measured correctly by LabView. Manually using Keithley 6517A gives always the correct resistance value. Where could be the problem?

2) The program itself is a bit complex for me e.g what does the reading option means and what is its use? What is enable average filter, display resolution, filter count, auto range value and aperture integration time? I just want the following commands at my disposal: start/stop button or time command, data frequency, applied voltage, range setting (either auto or manual).


Let us focus on these things and find a solution for which anyone of you who would help me would do a great favor for me and my research work...


Thank you and have a nice day.

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Are you using the LabView driver on NI's website?

Keithley sells a software package called KickStart that does materials resistance measurements with the 6517A and 6517B

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Dear cymrieg,


Thank you for your reply. Yes I have the LabView driver from NI's website. I have done a quick check on Google, the software KickStart probably isn't useable with the 6517A?


Still waiting from the forum members regarding the vi. file that needs modification. Kind of urgent.

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Why don't you contact Keithley Tek support then. We have support people that can help you out with LabVIEW:



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Hello, I am a student. I am writing a diploma on the same topic, I would like to ask you for help.

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